Michelle R. Vigue
The Bunker
The Bunker is Michelle's debut middle grade novel about the adventures of  Nick Tierney and Poppy, his 86 year old great grandfather and World War II veteran. 
Twelve year old Nick Tierney wakes up one morning and realizes a week has disappeared from his memory. Last he knew, it was May twenty-second; now, it's May thirty-first, his annoying sister's birthday. What happened to the days between? He has no idea, but his family is acting awfully strange, and no one wants to talk about his best friend, Jake.
That's becasue Jake is in a coma, and it's Nick's fault. Unfortunately, Nick has amnesia, and he doesn't remember what happened to him or Jake. Soon, though, the past reveals itself. The trouble started with Poppy, who served in World War II. Several decades before, Poppy made a terrible mistake on the French battlefield; now due to this mistake, Nick's life is in danger.
Nick can't run from the past, so he confronts it -- leading to danger and threats against the people he loves most. Nick must travel overseas to unravel his great-grandfather's mystery. There is no place for him to hide; in order to save his life and those of his family and friends, he must face a horrible secret that has been sixty-five years in the making. 
  1. WWII Paratrooper
    WWII Paratrooper
  2. D Day
    D Day
  3. Paris 1943
    Paris 1943
Book 2: Friendly Fire
Coming soon.